All About the Pressure Washer

As defined, a pressure washer is a high pressure mechanical spayer that can be used to remove grime, loose paint, mold, mud, dirt, and debris from many different surfaces (i.e. buildings, vehicles, concrete surfaces, etc.)

There are many different types of pressure washers, below is a list of some of your options:

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Ø  Electric pressure washer

Ø  Diesel pressure washer

Ø  Petrol pressure washer

Ø  Gas pressure washer

Ø  Ultra high pressure washer

Ø  Hydraulic high pressure washer

Ø  High pressure steam cleaner

Typically, for exterior applications, a mobile propane or gas powered pressure washer is best suited for getting the work done.

For internal applications however, electric pressure washers are recommended as there is no exhaust and they are much more quiet than gas or propane powered washers.

If you are thinking on purchasing a pressure washer of your own a gas powered pressure washer is generally recommended, especially if there are large jobs to tackle and required regular cleaning. There are many comments among consumers that state that over the years the electric power failed prematurely in comparison to gas powered pressure washers.

Pressure washers can get pricy however and doing the cleaning job on your own could be complicated –its not as easy as it looks! Here at Gum Fighters, we are pleased to help you get the job done. Give us a call at (778) 237-6486 or email us at for more info and a free quote!

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