Vancouver Cold Weather Pressure Washing Tips

How often do you use your pressure washer during the freezing season?

A main concern when pressure washing during winter, besides the chilly air, is having the pressure washer freeze – not a good thing.

The following are tips on pressure washing during winter.

1) When you will be using the pressure washer all winter long, the best way to prevent it from freezing is with automotive anti-freeze mixture. (You can buy anti-freeze at home depots or any mechanic supply stores near you.)

Here’s how:

> Fill up your empty float tank with anti-freeze then start up your washer and push out the water with anti-freeze.

> Remove your spray tip from your wand and insert it into the float tank. Re-circulate the anti-freeze for 2 minutes while turning the trigger gun on and off to force antifreeze into the by-pass line of the unloader. Source (

2) If you will not be using the pressure washer for more than 30 days during the winter, we recommend “winterizing” it. See our previous articles for a how-to guide!

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