The Fighters 5 – Customer Service Defined

Customer Service Defined

Product marketing principles continue to fail when they are applied to service businesses. Service marketing challenges require service marketing solutions. The Fighters 5 was developed as a solution to this problem – it forms the guiding principles each and every employee at Gum Fighters Pressure Washing follows in every client interaction.

We work closely with clients and they expect us to deliver them the results they are looking for. Providing value has never been more important as the marketplace becomes more competitive.

The Fighters 5 provides us with 5 principles to help our staff create and deliver service that our clients will love today and well into the future.

Our Clients love us Because:

1) We provide value

2) We look after and understand their needs better than anyone else

3) We are trusted to do what it is we say we will

4) We have a service process that works every time

5) We deliver for today – and for tomorrow

It can be easy to get bogged down when trying to come up with marketing strategies for your company.  We prefer to stick to the K.I.S.S Method (Keep It Simple Stupid) – and The Fighters 5 is the simplest way to express why we continue to build long-lasting win/win/win relationships with our clients.

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