DIY Gum Removal from Concrete

Tools needed:

Ice or Aerosol Freezing Liquid – available at any mechanic store.

WD-40 lubricant


Hand scraper (putty knife)

Used toothbrush

Power washer


The procedure:

The ice or aerosol freezing liquid is to be used for softer gum pieces. When the gum isn’t dry or hard enough it can stick to things a lot easier which makes it quite a bit more difficult to remove. We’ve all stepped in gum before – imagine that on a large scale, not pretty.

First – dry/freeze any soft pieces of gum. Be sure to follow all the manufacturers warnings and instructions if you are using the aerosol freezing liquid.

After this scrape the top of the gum using a hand scraper (or a putty knife you) until it starts to come loose. And repeat drying up procedure as needed. This is done piece-by-piece, tedious but the most effective for DIY.

Third step, add a little bit of WD-40 by spraying the top of dried up gum and allow it to sit for 1 or 2 minutes. Then go over it with the scraper, again!

For pieces of gum, which may be stuck in the tiny pores of your concrete, use vinegar. To do this, cover the area where the dried up gum is with vinegar and scrub with the toothbrush. Try to leave the vinegar on for 5 minutes then scrub it over again this time using some water.

As a final touch tidy up the rest of the sidewalk with a pressure washer. This will help make everything look much more even and take help remove the final little pieces of gum.

Gum removal is a tricky and tedious job – no if, ands or buts about it. Here at Gum Fighters its what we specialize in – we can do it fast and have a many special techniques to get the best job done. Give us a call at (778) 237-6484 to get a residential or commercial quote – its free! You can also email us at    Check out our website,, for before and after photos as well as more information!  Looking forward to hearing from you!