Plastic Lawn Chair Cleaning

Are your lawn chairs in need of some cleaning attention? Here are some helpful steps to get them looking new!

 For plastic lawn chairs, the basic cleaning procedures are:

 1. Prepare the cleaning equipment. That includes: a bowl or bucket, sponge, cleaning cloth, a pair of rubber gloves, dustpan and brush, scrubbing brush, old toothbrush, and anything else that you think you might need.

2. NOTE: For plastic lawn chairs, it is recommended to use a mild detergent. The mixture is 1 gallon of water mixed with ½ cup of bleach. Or you can use cleaning solutions available in stores.

 3. When you have the cleaning solution ready and the plastic chairs are cleared from any debris – start applying the solution to the whole body/spots to be cleaned. The steps are to brush clean then wipe it using the cleaning cloth you prepared.

 And voila, your chairs have just been rejuvenated!

For corporate and business establishments, you may need a team of professionals to do the cleaning of outdoor furniture,  give Gum Fighters a call at (778) 237-6486 or email us at!