Seasonal Home Cleaning

Having a regular house maintenance schedule is the best way to prevent costly repairs -its best to take care of little tasks so that is doesn’t become one huge one in a few months. Also, finishing the little tasks when they are still little makes them easier to do next time.

Another reason why regular house upkeep is a great idea: your house is an investment, so protect it from any damages and help it look its best.

Smart unit and home-owners know the general seasonal home maintenance schedule – ever heard of Spring Cleaning? When spring comes along its time to check for any winter damage and fix it. This way your house looks it best during the summer months and you can be outside to enjoy it. When winter is just around the corner, check the house carefully for any problems and of course, repair it before its too late and too cold!

Spring and winter are always so busy – and why waste your summer cleaning? That’s what Gum Fighters are here for! Call us at (778) 237-6486 or email for a free quote!